Friday, April 25, 2014

Spin the Globe

I once dreamt of travelling the world,
See in real what the tabloid boasted off.
Big wide roads and cool shopping malls,
A life many dont get to see.

Out of the blue
My stars started to grace me.
I took up to the sky
Flying like a cuckoo.

From east to west,
I underwent a change I never imagined.
Tall towers and lovely beaches,
meeting people and funny creatures.

The introvert became a tourer
Learning more about different cultures
Then she met the man of her dreams
Now I call for bookings and say "for two" :)

The Incomplete post #1

Here is a post I found in my drafts today: 

Since the time that G & I got to know that we are going to have a third member in the family, I have been meaning to write a post about our feelings and the amazing journey we'll be taking together - capture few emotions in words worth reading after years!

It was the first month of the new year, day 17, I can never take those 2 pink lines out of my head :) felt so surreal and G had tears in his eyes. It was every couples dream, every parents wish to hear that they are going to become grandparents - grand news indeed for all family n friends! We decided to keep the news amongst immediate family till the 1st trimester went smooth. Mugdha Parasnis - our OB advised us to go for the first sono after 2 weeks.

The first trimester was a mix of nausea, giddiness and frequent visit to the loo'se ;) but overall went faster than I daunted.

My Inspiration

When I opened my blog site today (after what seems like a decade) to share it with a friend , I realised that the last post was written by me in Jan 2012 - that's exactly when I got to know I am pregnant :)

I thought it's time to get back to writing and what more do I need for inspiration than my beautiful angle Sasha! She turned one last September and the times been flying like a Boeing aircraft and I feel like a passenger in it without a seat belt.

It seems like just yesterday that she was born and today she is stacking dabbas in the kitchen and calling out my name like a cute little bunny. Seeing God's miracle everyday firsthand is what makes people have kids, I guess. Cause who would otherwise want to sign up for a year long sleepless night shift ;)

Right now I am juggling between office work, house keeping, photoshoots, editing work, album designing and the most important being a mother. All this is possible cause of my hubby Glenn, my spine and my to whom I everyday whine ;) I hope I continue to post my thoughts here from time to time so that years later when I sit and read these with my daughter, I can share a good laugh and a soulful tear with her. Thank you Almighty to have blessed me with such a beautiful life!

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