Tuesday, October 27, 2009

oNe DaY..........i WIlL bE THeRe...

Listed are my current best-loved holiday destinations and few reasons why they are numbered here

1. Go Paris ;) -

Whoever is close to me, would know what this city means to me and how eagerly I am waiting to visit this place. From climbing the Eiffel Tower to discovering the artistic treasures of the Louvre I wana do it all. I often get feedback stating that its not worth the trip, its like any other Europe city, its a big-ticket etc, but I know that I surely wanna visit the place once in my life. And I am still clueless what has magnetized me to it so much.

2. Himalayas (Valley of Flowers) -

The other major trait in me is to try and get as close to the nature as possible. And visit places that can make you feel numb just by being there and doing nothing at all. Valley of Flowers in the West Himalaya is one such place. Its natural beauty is ineffable (as I've heard and seen in pictures) let alone sightings of rare birds and animals. It is also closely associated with our Hindu Mythology. I wanna go here before the dirty hands of us humans pollutes the fairyland.

3. Kerala -

Who doesn't know about God's Own Country! One of the most favored honeymoon destinations, Kerala has always charmed me since childhood, with its beautiful backwaters, mellifluent Malayalam, and the yummy delicacies.

4. Nepal -

Mainly for its natural beauty...the lakes, valleys, Himalayas, temples and coz u don need a visa ;) hehehe

5. Sri Lanka -

It's association with Ramayana and the virgin beaches makes Sri Lanka one of the most scenic holidays. Like any other island, there are a lot of activities that you can do while you are here and enjoy the wilderness too.

7. North-East India -

I always wanted to visit the north east Indian cities/states for the most rare and endangered species of animals and virgin dense forests. It is also the habitat of the maximum species of wild orchids. The tea estates, ruins of ancient kingdoms, temples, rivers, hills has tremendous ingredient for adventure and leisure holidays.

6. Switzerland

7. Maldives/Mauritius/Bali

Do I even need to state the reasons for number 6 & 7 ;)

8. Rajasthan -

I so want to visit places like Thar Desert, Jaipur, lakes of Udaipur and desert forts of Jodhpur, Bikaner & Jaisalmer. Often known as the shoppers paradise I can't wait to shop for their textiles, semi-precious stones, handicrafts and unique jewelery. Since its my close fren's native place, I am hoping to get some exclusive tips and tricks to enjoy the beauty of the largest state in India.

9. Kashmir -

I want to visit the Vaishno Devi temple and ofcourse experience heaven on Earth :)

10. Rome / Vatican City -

Who would not want to see the beautiful churches and the meet the pope :)

11. Sydney / Oz

And last but not the least Sydney -- Just for the Oprah House and the Harbor Bridge... :)

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