Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's with the staring?

Have you ever tried to dress differently in a crowd? Be it going in shorts for a movie in chinchwad, wearing a singlet top at laxmi road or even a summer dress at MG road? I bet you'll get more stares than Rajni and Shahrukh together! Esp from the fairer sex. And I am not talking about revealing clothes or way out of the ordinary - just simple attires but a little non-desi. I sometimes avoid them but nowadays can't help but stare back at them and sometimes even ask "Is something wrong?"

It's one thing to check-out what's in and who's wearing what but these arn't those. These are more like "How can you wear this?" or "which country did you buy THAT from?" It really bugs me and I even tried to ask my friends if they get the same kinda gaze and yes, they do too! It's disappointing that this happens more often in India than any other country. Have we not heard the term 'Minding your business'?

So if any one of you fall under the lot of 'gazers' please enlighten me on why do you stare so much or you truly not aware that you are gapping at a girl awkwardly? Wonder what Lady Gaga thinks about this!

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