Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I wished for a wish,
A wish to find things,
To find people, to find emotions,
To find happiness in everything I do :)

Recently, I have misplaced and forgotten so many things, the number is not even funny. Be it my ever vanishing house keys or the book I have been waiting to return to a friend. I make sure I leave it at a place where its very obvious for me to spot it while leaving, but I wonder why I miss it. Invariably lost for words, there is something that always keeps me busy up there --> Don't ask me what it is, coz I am clueless too. Apart from this are times when I just can't find a piece of jewellery or an important doc...when I store it, I know its a safe place and I am sure to find it when reqd. But when I need it, I feel like takin a revolver and shooting myself...for doing it once again...wasting hours searching for it...in the end I land up finding something else I was looking for 3 weeks back ;p And for reasons as such, I have sooooo wished for a Ctrl+F option in life, or atleast an F1. I can already imagine the stuff I would be looking for first...days with mom, my long lost watch, true love, n so on n so forth. I wish the guys at google come up with some tool soon. I wouldn't want everyone to have it, but something's better than nothin ;)
Signing off as I try to Cntrl+F the F1 key ;)

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