Monday, April 7, 2008

Tagged - A-Z!

Tagged by Vinod.....for some crap called self-realization :p (god knows wat that means)


Depends who's asking the question ;)

B-Best friend(s):

Check my previous post ;)

C-Cake or Pie:

Pie....preferebly apple...
I don't mind choco cake too...

D-Drink of choice:

Non-Alchoholic - Orange juice (my skin needs some vit c')
Alchoholic - Vodka (have you eva tried the vodka martini ~ u shud ~ jus perfect)

E-Essential thing used every day:

Gulp, Ping, Tring, Yummy, Wrooom and Clothes ;)

F-Favorite color:


G-Gummy bears or worms:

Gummy Bears...Can't stand the thot of eating worms or anything related to it...


Ooty...hang on...guess it's chennai...pick da one u want... :p


TV and it movies, series or just a bricks game on my lappy...I can even forget the season

J-January or February?

February. U knw why ;)

K- Kids and names?

Woa...the thot of having my own kids scares me....frget the names...

L-Life is incomplete without:

Obvi food and water....other than that friends and music...

M-Marriage date:

07th Nov 1974 ;)

N-Number of siblings:

One Big B. Don't we just HATE each other :p

O-Oranges or apples:

Isn't that obvious from my prev responses... :)


Losin loved ones.. :(


"This too shall pass" (גזי)
'Everything happens for good'

R-Reason to smile:

An old friend's visit and surprises...


Winter...anytime ;)

T-Tag two people:

Rajesh - You need some inspiration to write more... ;)
Rajeev - I'm sure he's just playin tennis this weekend some activity for u Mr. Mankar ;)
Can I tag more ppl? plsss
Niks - Have you written post marriage? Guess not...
Rohanoid - I would just love to read the wacky answers he'll come up with ;)
PJ - Miku's out of town ;)
Raj & VJ - You guys should start off....why not with this one... :)

U-Unknown fact about me:

I hate liars and I just hate to lie....(guess if thats a lie) :p
And I also talk in my sleep sometimes and I dream every single nite...

V-Vegetable(s) you do not like:

Hmmm....I guess I would only hate it if's prepared awfully...

W-Worst habit:

Not clear bout anything and everything...very shilly-shally mind...

X-rays you have had:

Leg, back and head...

Y-Your favourite food:

Indian...esp Punjabi & apart frm that Mexican


Virgo! [Can't you make that out by just how neat my blog-spot is ;)]

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle" - Albert Einstein

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