Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My bro captured this on our recent visit to the local zoo...
Golden Question:
Did they hire the editor of the Oxford/Chambers Thesaurus to write signboards at the Katraj zoo?

Greener Grass Hopper

Have you ever wondered that most of the time we are seldom happy with what we have...Its not because we dont want to be, but just coz we dont realise how much worse life can get and the current situation could have been heavenly if we were in those conditions. Be it a 'single-ready-to-mingle' girl waiting to find love, a chap wanting to get out of a marriage, an NRI who is really sad after a visit to his country or an engineer who is waiting to go on site, each one of us have dreams and desires in life. And its extremely subjective. And if we dont seem to achieve it within the expected time frame we lose hope and tend to be unhappy. The best possible way to get out of this is to talk it out to your friends...Never gulp it all down as that gets you more into depression...Talk and you feel much lighter and suddenly seem to start seeing things crystal clear.
So now I have made up my mind that whatever life gives me I'm ready to accept it - provided it gives me a friend beside me always. And when I rewind a bit I gather that it does it all for good. You might not see the results there and then but it sure will bring out the best for you. So neva lose hope and hang on...

"If you really wish to sing...you can never run out of songs..."

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