Monday, April 23, 2007

Absurd Ends!!!

I keep him informed, make sure nothin goes wrong, nothin tht'll piss him off, try to cheer him up wen it's really tht hard time of the day, keep plannin surprises for him, be punctual ALL da time, lie ALL da time at home, cook for him, ditch frens MOST of da time, try not to be too close to other guys, shop FOR him ( not with him), give him all my I still deserve to be taken for granted ALL da time???? Is pure guileless my fault???? I'm not sure how he feels or does he even agreee to this but I think I (as a result of readin a lotta of psycological books on guys) try to look at everthin from a guys point of view. This does reduce a lotta fights between us but i'm sure he fails to understand the effort tht goes behind all this. Mehek*, his ex, neva even treated him like this. Oh am I framin tht sentence the other way!!!! He neva even treated Mehek this way. She has soooooooo much of attitude man and is such a jerk. Jerk to da core. Flashy, short skirts, big money and gifts is all tht she can think of. But he still went back to her. His attitude toto changes when it comes to dealin with such typical girley attitude. I frankly fail to understand this behaviour of guys.I think such guys NEED such bit**y treatment. They ask for it. And they deserve it. Comparitively I prefer guys who are stright forward and express what they really need from a relationship. You can atleast carry on with your life man....not get stuck with the other kind I talked about. There are also the really cute and honest types as well [although I sometimes feel there ain't such a category in guys ;)] Anyway...all said and done, I am actually quite enjoying my solitary status and although I'm not sure how long I can enjoy this and boast about it but I sure would not mind having someone who treats me right and loves me :D

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