Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blind with eyes open

You tune out when they need you the most
Can't you see the fragile hands?
Can't you see the pain behind the frame?

Too busy to underpin, you let them take support of peglegs
Have you forgotten the time when he gushed you on your first step?
Have you forgotten the days when he was the gladdest dad watching you crawl and run?

Keeping them happy in a swish house full of likewise geezerhoods,
Is similar to providing freedom to a bird in cage.
All they ask for is some time worthwhile, not seeing you turn guile
So open those eyes, wake up and foster those dry leaves. 


Rahul Desai said...

Quite touching! Nice one, Audi.

Dr. Bharat M. Desai said...

I liked the video and poem that followed. I am happy you are concerned about such issue.
When you have someone above 70, even 60 as your relation--spare some time for them, talk to HEAR them, hug and/or hold his/her hands with passion for while....You will certainly oblige the concerned old person and will be blessed.
I am practising this for long time and happy about it.
Congratulations for being sensitive for this, actually it is our future!!!

audi said...

Thanks a lot :) I do feel strongly about this issue as I have witnessed some really inhumane deeds...I just can't come in terms to how can someone do such things to their own parent!! Just too depressing to think about...

zubair said...

touching and so true... nice audi!!

Khushbu H Desai said...

Anything that touches me at a deeper level makes me fumble with words. And that's exactly what I experienced after reading the poem and seeing the video.

Deepti~ said...


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