Monday, December 29, 2008

Emoticons... :) :D :p

The visual aids to express how you feel...How I want to thank Mr. Scott Fahlman who came up with the smiley proposal back in September 1982 :)

Right from expressing how happy you feel to how frustrated you are, emoticons helps you convey more than mere words. Agreed that there is nothing to beat the power of words, but for people like me, who arn't good with sayin the 'right words at the right time', emoticons is a boon! I have unknowingly managed to by-heart most of the smiley shortcuts in Yahoo and I just love to use them with almost every statement of mine. From Hi :) to a Bye :-h from being esctasic :D to frustrated :-L You goof up, just blow a Kiss :* or a hug >:D<

Shades of yellow angling towards a happy aspect, whereas an angry or frus image pops up in shades of red.

The animated ones in Yahoo makes it even more entertaining...they just light up the conversation and gives the person on the other end of the window a very vivid image of your thoughts. After using them for so many years, I can't picture a chat conversation without them :-? so why don't you get addicted to the funtoo world of emoticons and ping me how you feel about them ;)

:-h till then

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